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Americans had responded to the social and political turmoil of the late 1960s in a variety of ways, but none are more curious than that of the Walker family. The Walkers formed Oasis, a commune deep in Gila National Forest, in 1966. 

Removed from the world they once knew, the Walkers pursued a life free of violence and political strife; encouraging love and unity above all else. That all changed in 1968, when Beatrice Walker was found dead. 

There was no evidence at the scene that suggested murder, but Beatrice's sister had her suspicions. Dorothy has spent nearly 50 years trying to discover what happened to Beatrice. Can you help Dorothy piece the clue together, find the killer, and bring the case to rest?


Detective Finnegan "Finch" Kowalski, son of an Irish immigrant mother and a Polish immigrant father, was a bum. He wasn't always a bum. He lost his job, like so many others, after the market crashed. In late '32, the NYPD sent him packing.

In early '33 Finch started drinking. The family savings forced to the bottom of a bottle left little to support his wife and only son. On a particularly cold winter night in early '34, Finch arrived home after a night of drinking to find his family dead. He discovered his wife in their modest bed, her eyes gouged out. His son was found in the home's crawlspace, frozen solid. A police investigation proved fruitless. Since had no other choice than to track the killer himself.