Hunt a Killer Mystery

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Meet your new friend, Jasper Flowers. Jasper is a clock aficionado and former jewelry repair shop employee. Convicted of murder and dismemberment, Jasper is currently incarcerated at Listening Friends of America's Bozeman Facility. Jasper's former boss believes he is innocent and longs to see him walk free, while the head of LFOA is convinced Jasper is guilty - and that he is plotting something much worse.


Penelope "Penny" Hartwell has been sent to the Listening Friends of America's Second Chance program for killing her husband after the accidental murder of their 9-year-old son. The professional appointed by the defense diagnoses her with schizoaffective disorder, but Penny fights to prove her sanity even after her detention. Decide for yourself if she belongs behind bars.

Class of '98

Private Investigator Michelle Gray has reached out to you to help solve the murder of her former classmate. Charles MacDonagh was killed on the night of his high school reunion in the small town of Chestnut Falls, Illinois. His body was found in his car on the outskirts of town, after having been strangled by an unknown assailant. The prime suspects? Charlie's former friends from high school who attended the reunion. It's up to you to learn what really happened that night...

The Moon Summit Mystery

Private Investigator Michelle Gray has another baffling case on her hands, and she needs your help. A graduate student named Toby Mendia appears to have died from a fatal bear attack while on a scientific expedition in Moon Summit Park, Alaska. Although the case closed in the summer of 2018, a friend of Toby's has reached out to Michelle, thinking there might be something strange surrounding his death. Was Toby murdered? If so, why - and by whom?

Curtain Call

While going through the attic of the Cadence Theatre in New York City, Julia, the owner, discovers a naturally mummified body stashed in a trunk, revealing that the disappearance of Broadway starlet Viola Vane was, in fact, a murder. But when news of the discovery gets out, the theater's Board, who already has a contentious relationship with Julia, sees it as an opportunity to push her out and sell the building. The player must help Julia solve the cold case and stop the board from selling her theater.


Private Investigator Michelle Gray has assigned you to investigate another puzzling mystery. Just4Fun, a boy band from the early 2000s, planned to hold a reunion concert after years apart. During one of the rehearsals, Jake Morgan, the band's frontman, died in a tragic stage accident. A Just4Fun superfan named Shannon Murphy believes that Jake was murdered, and she's willing to do anything to help you solve this case. What will happen when you start to uncover Just4Fun's scandalous history?

Mallory Rock

Six months ago, the drowned body of Beth Hendricks was found on the rocky shore of Mallory Rock. The small, island community was deeply affected by the loss, and the investigation into her murder began. As month after month passed with no leads, her sister, Gwen, began to spiral and she lost faith that the local police would ever solve the case on their own. Reaching out online, Gwen discovered a community of citizen sleuths, which is how she found you.

Now, it's up to you to help Gwen dive deep into the murky history of Mallory Rock and reveal how evil has been hiding in plain sight. Can you discover who murdered Beth Hendricks before the killer strikes again? 

jQuery Tlačítko na začiatok by William from