Unknown Man: So, tell me, Mr. McGowan, how do you feel?

McGowan: How do I feel?

Unknown Man: Yes, in simple terms, tell me how you're feeling.

McGowan: You a doctor?

Unknown Man: No.

McGowan: Will you help me?

Unknown Man: Mr. McGowan, I need you to...

McGowan: Look, I'm... I'm scared. I don't know where I am. The lady at the door, she took everything! She took my mother!

Unknown Man: Your mother went home.

McGowan: No, she didn't. She wouldn't do that, she got taken. The lady took her, I know it. Where did she take her to? Let me talk to that lady. I wanna find out where she took my mother! What are these?

[sounds of cuffs/shackles]

Unknown Man: Those are just to keep you in the chair. Please, calm down.

McGowan: Tell me what's going on. Maybe - Where am I?

Unknown Man: Your new home.

McGowan: Aha!

Unknown Man: What is it?

McGowan: If this is home, then where's mother? You said she went home, but you also said this is... I... I got you, doc.

Unknown Man: I'm... I'm not a doctor.

McGowan: Well, you look big for a doctor. I think you're right. You know what? I could take you. Maybe a doctor would fix you up. Hey, these things are hurting my wrists, bud! Hey, what am I supposed to call you? You know, when I'm busting you up for keeping me in here?

Unknown Man: You have no reason to hurt me. I'm here to help.

McGowan: In a pig's ass...

Unknown Man: You have to trust me, Mr. McGowan. We're here to help you.

[strange noise]

McGowan: What's that? Who - who's there?

Unknown Man: No one's there, I promise.

[mic click]