Drug Test Survey

This is an outline of Michelle's observations when she asked the suspects if they would consent to drug tests.

  • Robyn Dupre seemed to answer with no qualms. 
  • Arthur Hughes wanted to know how others answered... He claimed he hadn't been on any medications for a while. Why the prescription then, Arthur? Huh? Huh? Huh? 
  • Susan Li consented in a calm manner. Maybe a little too calm? 
  • Sarah MacDonagh was curious if her drug testing would speed up the investigation. 
  • Nicholas Matsoukas agreed if it wouldn't clash with his schedule. 
  • Aura McBride put up a fight before agreeing. Why? 
  • Gavin Nash declined, playing the privacy-violation card, and was not too happy.
  • Neeta Patel agreed but was nosy about non-related issues pertaining to the case.
  • Antonio Villar thought Michelle was wasting time focusing on the wrong things and would not consent if asked.