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The Woods

In the isolated forests of West Virginia, a young woman from a family of witches lies unconscious, afflicted by an ancient evil. Comb through her possessions and correspondence to figure out what happened to her and reconstruct her life in the months before she fell ill. Can you use her family's ancient spells and secret rituals to save her before it's too late?

The Mountain

You've been selected to join a secretive group of devotees living in the wilds of West Virginia. But everything may not be as it seems in their isolated commune. Can you uncover the truth behind their leader's arcane plans and strange rituals before it's too late to stop the mysterious forces at work?

The Mine

Strange phenomena have always plagued the town of Cooper's Rock. Now it seems the eerie occurrences troubling the local museum may be related to a devastating disaster in the town's past. You'll have to sort through historical documents for proof of human wrongdoing and fight against the supernatural forces threatening to overrun the town.