Empty Faces Introduction

Welcome, Seeker.

It is up to you to seek out the EVIL that has been drawn to you. Here are some helpful hints to start you on your journey:

  • This experience is episodic. Think of each box as a new episode, with each episode building on the previous one.
  • This means that there will not be a final solution with each episode, but each box should provide more context and allow you to make connections to clues in the previous boxes.
  • All packages lead to a big reveal in the Season finale.
  • Look for ciphers, take notes, figure out the piece of the puzzles and use real-world research to guide you. Make strong connections along the way and remember: pay attention to every detail.

First Steps

  1. Read all welcome emails
  2. Find a space to dedicate to the investigation - desk, spare bedroom, corner of kitchen table, etc.
  3. Gather your supplies (or order a murder board kit from Hak) - corkboard, highlighters, notepad, binders, red string, etc.
  4. Join the Forum and the Official Empty Faces Facebook Group
  5. Keep everything found inside the box
  6. Use the Inventory Card to ensure all items are in the box

How to Play

Get a Lay of the Land

Look through everything in your box at least once or twice before you start solving. Read the letters, and examine the objects. Clues can be hiding anywhere. We suggest you use your journal. You never know which details will be important down the road.

Look for Connections

Once you've familiarized yourself with the contents of your box, start thinking about how the items you've received fit together. Be on the lookout for patterns. Where are there similarities? Are there any inconsistencies? Do you notice any literary, historical, or scientific references that are worth looking into? As you move on to your next box, you will want to ask yourself, "How does information in this box relate to information I've received in previous boxes?" Remember to keep taking notes.


Think about what's outside the box. Research is an integral part of the game. Diving deep into the story's intricacies will add to the quality of your experience. Every detail is included for a reason, and with enough research, you'll find out why. Don't be afraid to go down rabbit holes and explore how seemingly unrelated ideas could connect.


There are many different types of puzzles, codes, and ciphers incorporated in this game. Solving these puzzles can take some trial and error, but don't get discouraged. Look for irregularities that might indicate a hidden message, like random capitalizations, jumbled letters, etc. Learning more about cryptography can help with more challenging codes.

Take Notes

Jotting down notes on clues you uncover and ideas you develop right from the start may aid in your investigation in this episode, or in future ones. Some details may not be fully clear until you get more information in future boxes.


When you think you're done with your episode, or if you're stuck, check out the recaps online.