The Mountain

Episode 1


Free Meditation



During the audio track, there are three times where a garbled voice can be heard.

  • 4:13 - 4:22 → after the narrator says "I will listen deeply and sincerely."
  • 6:22 - 6:24 → after the narrator says "I am an eternal soul."
  • 7:18 - 7:28 → after the narrator says "The truth will be understood."

Radiant Mountain

Is Radiant Mountain a freaking commune, a.k.a. cult?!?

Despite trying to pick the most "negative" answers in the survey, I was still accepted into the community.

Radiant Mountain seems to consist of hierarchy tiers:

  • Fawn
  • Deer
  • Sparrow
  • Squirrel
  • Raven

Is the Divine like He Who Walks Behind the Rows? 😏

Radiant Mountain Survivors



Holy Reading, Batman!

According to one poster, they were drugged on a daily basis.

  • Is every person being dosed, whether willingly or not?

The same poster mentions how Frederick seemed sadder and was reluctant to give his recommendation for this participant to become a Sparrow.

  • Does Frederick want out but is unable/not sure how to leave the commune?

One other poster mentions wondering if the water supply was being drugged.

  • So, that could be how Radiant Mountain is drugging the entire community unbeknownst to the members.

Another poster mentions being served "medicine" regularly with his meals.

  • There is definite drugging going on at this place. Keep everyone docile and brainwashed.

I believe there is also subliminal messaging going on at Radiant Mountain.

  • The garbled voice within the meditation audio track
  • Members stating a feeling of euphoria after meditations
  • Static on TVs...

Wow, there is even a post from DT8996!

  • Could this poster be the one who sent us the handwritten note!?
  • This poster mentions his daughter is "way more interested in getting her pictures on the website and portraying our Sanctuary in a positive light".
  • This poster is Charlotte Thomas's father!
  • In this post, he explicitly states he is looking for someone to infiltrate Radiant Mountain (that's us!).
  • It is possible all locked content is meant to be unlocked in future episodes...