Earth Break Introduction

Welcome, Survivor.

Earth Break is an interactive experience that is completely unique - like being transported into a TV show, with items you can touch and secrets to uncover. This experience is episodic. Think of each box as a new episode building on the one before it and adding more to the story. You will conduct an investigation, learn about the group you've joined, and search for connections as you work toward the gripping finale.

There are 5 episodes in this storyline. After each episode, you'll have answers... and questions. Connect information, search for the truth, and solve the mystery. Good luck!

First Steps

  1. Read all welcome emails
  2. Find a space to dedicate to the investigation - desk, spare bedroom, corner of kitchen table, etc.
  3. Gather your supplies (or order a murder board kit from Hak) - corkboard, highlighters, notepad, binders, red string, etc.
  4. Join the Forum and the Official Earth Break Facebook Group
  5. Keep everything found inside the box
  6. Use the Inventory Card to ensure all items are in the box

How to Play


Start with the letter from your contact. This will be your anchor for each month's episode. Read everything else as well. Is there anything that seems out of place? Identifying inconsistencies will help focus your investigation.

Physical Interaction/Tools

Don't be afraid to play around with the items in your box. Turn them upside down. Stack them on top of each other. Hold them up to a light. Stack them on top of each other. Hold them up to a light. You may be surprised how much you can learn from a new perspective.


One or more websites will be a critical component of the game. Explore any sites mentioned. Are there any connections to the documents or items you received?

Take Notes

Jotting down notes on clues you uncover and ideas you develop right from the start may aid in your investigation in this episode, or in future ones. Some details may not be fully clear until you get more information in future boxes.


When you think you're done with your episode, or if you're stuck, check out the recaps online.