Episode 5

Movement Strategies

👾 Burrower

  • They only move forward in straight lines.
  • They cannot see humans while it is underground.
  • They move two sectors per hour before coming back to the surface. It then freezes in place.
  • They don't see very well, but if you are right on top of it it will see or sense you.

👾 Flyer

  • They only move in straight lines, at the rate of one sector an hour.
  • They can see two sectors in every direction with no blind spots, excluding the cover of forest.
  • They can see a human in the forest if they are directly overhead.

👾 Hunter

  • Always six sectors in one direction at a rate of one sector an hour then turning back toward their original sector.
  • They start this pattern every 18 hours.
  • Now, they can only see you if they are in the same sector as you.

🏃‍♀️ Jordan

  • Jordan is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Nothing holds her back.

👾 Sentinel

  • Circles the perimeter of a large patch of corrupted land at the rate of one sector an hour.
  • Takes a total of twelve hours to return to its starting point.
  • They have four faces.
  • Now, they can see only one sector ahead, with the exception of diagonals.
  • In a forested area, they are completely blind and cannot see even the sector right next to them.
  • They pay no mind to terrain, meaning they can cross mountains.