You squeeze with difficulty through the narrow gap. You're getting more used to being dead now, but the going is still hard.

"Keep up, greenie!" the other zombie calls back in her creaky voice. The sound echoes off the sooty stone as you reach a T-junction.

"Um... hello? Person?" you call. Damn, you should have asked for her name.

No reply is forthcoming, so you look down both alleys. To your left, the way is dark and cobwebby, slimy with weeds and water, and ominously foreboding. Scrawled in red on the wall are the words "certain death". To your right the way is brighter and cleaner; snowdrops sprout from the gaps between bricks, and a jolly little robin is perched on a windowsill, watching you with bright, beady eyes.

Which way do you want to go?