Mallory Rock

Physical Items

Episode 6


Beth picked this card out for Gwen's birthday shortly before she died. 


Gwen stole this from Martin's private study.

On one side is the gorgon Medusa's head, with a sword chopping it off. 

On the other side is the word "Vici" which translates to "I conquered". 

Geological Survey

There is a coded entry in one corner. 

This one is a doozy. 

  • Start off by shifting backward in the alphabet by 12. 
  • The final word will begin a double code. 


Good Fences Monthly Digest

These were top posts from the month Beth died. 

Gwen's Letter

Someone broke into Gwen's house. 

  • They were searching for something but didn't find it since nothing was taken. 

Gwen is a little thief. She stole the trinkets she sent us. 


This is a clay mermaid sculpture painted green with gold flecks on it. 

It has a loop in the top of its head, as to attach to a string for hanging. 

It was given to Gwen by Jody because it was Beth's favorite of Jody's collection. 

The message bottle we received in Episode 5 fits nicely into the mermaid's arms. 

  • This means the bottle was sent by Jody as a well-intentioned warning to Gwen.

Photo of Jordan

This photo shows Jordan standing in front of 649 Summer Street, one of his current properties. 

Photo of Martin and Jody

There is a bottle of something or other with an eyedrop topper in front of their television in the background. 

  • The label reads TerraDorm, which is a sleep aid advertised in The Lantern magazine from Episode 1.