Mallory Rock

Physical Items

Episode 5

Bar Napkin 

This item was handed to Gwen by Jordan at The Rock Lounge. 

  • He could not be bothered to get off the phone long enough to talk to her in person. 

According to the napkin, The Rock Lounge is open until 2 am. 

  • Jordan claims to have been there until close and then went straight home to bed. 

Bridge Incident Article

The victims' families of the bridge collapse still have not seen a dime, whereas Jordan received money through his insurance. 

Bridge Review

Martin's signature at the bottom of page 2 matches that of the first page of the group files. 

Business Registration

This is the registration for the Anchor Management Company. 

  • They specialize in land surveillance. 

The address registered is 649 Summer Street. 

  • This is one of JW Enterprises' current properties... 
  • Does this mean Jordan is Anchor Management and is using one of his open property addresses to register the "business"? 


Mine is red in color and was dead upon arrival. 

It is also a bottle opener with a carabiner clip attached. 

Gwen's Letter

Gwen found the original phone number from the threatening voicemail that was left for her in Episode 4. 

  • 207-370-2420

Calling this number leads to the Anchor Management automated message. 

Hendricks Group Files

Martin's signature is significantly different on the two forms. 

The second signature matches the signature on the members list we received in Episode 4. 

  • Who forged the other one, and why? 

Message Bottle

Someone left this for Gwen under her windshield wiper. 

It contains another threatening message. 

  • Or perhaps a warning from someone who knows who the killer is? 

Star Map

The "stars" of Ursa Major are punched out, as well as 3 more punches surrounding the constellation. 

Notice the illustration at the bottom has the tip of a lighthouse on it? 

  • This can be lined up with the illustration at the bottom of the vote record from Episode 4. 

Standing the star map upright (perpendicular to the paper) and shining a light through the holes will project the Ursa Major constellation onto the paper. 

To align the stars correctly, match the 3 triangle-forming stars to the 3 similar stars on the vote record.

  • The light projected onto the bolded stars means that member voted "YES". 

Trauma Worksheets

These worksheets belong to Joey. 

  • Poor guy was disrespected in every aspect of his life.