Mallory Rock


Episode 4

Michelle Gray Investigations 

Username: Your personal email 

Password: PORTER 


Password: SEAWEED 


Password: IWUF 


The password hint is: "The departed shifts in the reflection of the year." 

  • The keywords are "departed", "shifts", "reflection", and "year". 

The year on the mirror is 1979. 

  • Now, what word do we shift from?
  •  Maybe "CORA"?

"Reflecting the year turns it into "9791". 

  • Shifting "CORA" forward using this number gives us "LVAB". 
  • This is the password for the folder. 

CORA → Bridge Proposal 

This is a copy of Beth's bridge proposal. 

  • It includes the missing "Pg. 2". 

CORA → Bridge Grp Email Thread 

You will not get a response if you send Rocksteady an email from an outside provider. 

  • Try clicking directly on the link within the thread to send them a message. 

A general "we will get back to you" response should arrive in your inbox folder right on this site, regardless of what you sent. 

  • For shits and giggles, I wrote "Address too long" in the subject line and "Who killed Beth?" in the body message. 

The Rocksteady Support meetings are held every Friday between 9 PM and 10 PM. 

One of the testimonials mentions that Reverend Reaver calmed her down during a fireworks testing.

  • Fireworks were being tested the night of Beth's murder.