Mallory Rock

Episode 3


Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks had breakfast with her daughter, Ruby Hendricks.

8:00 AM

Sam Gundy closed her shop.

4:43 PM

Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks arrived at the Mariner's Lodge Hotel to meet with Gwen Ferris.

4:45 PM

Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks met with her daughter Ruby Hendricks for dinner. 

Josiah Hendricks claims he had dinner with Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks and Ruby Hendricks, yet Ruby didn't mention him in her statement, only her mother.

6:00 PM

Ruby Hendricks ran home to find an empty house.

7:00 PM

Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks had planned to "sort things out with Clarence" [Reaver].

8:00 PM

Approximate time Jordan Woodard left the party.

8:43 PM

Samantha Gundy was in the Navigators Clubhouse.

9:00 PM - 9:50 PM

Time of Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks' last comment on Good Fences.

9:10 PM

Martin Hendricks abruptly left his residence because he was late for a meeting with his son, Josiah Hendricks. 

Gwen Ferris called Martin Hendricks to check on the hotel pool's pump room. He was stuck there fixing it and missed his hang session with his son.

9:30 PM

Martin Hendricks was supposed to meet with his son, Josiah Hendricks, on their family boat. Martin had to cancel and Josiah claims he remained on the boat until morning.

10:00 PM

Latest time Beth Ferris-Hendrick's body could have entered the water.

10:13 PM

Elizabeth Ferris-Hendricks' watch stopped.

10:43 PM

Martin Hendricks finished fixing the hotel pool's pump and headed home.

11:00 PM