Mallory Rock

Physical Items

Episode 3

Bar Tab 

The time the tab was printed out was 8:43 PM. This is approximately the time that Woodard left the bar. 

Bridge Tragedy Article

On the backside is an article about the renovation delay of the sewage treatment plant. 

  • karst = landscape underlain by limestone which has been eroded by dissolution, producing ridges, towers, fissures, sinkholes, and other characteristic landforms 

Business Card

This is AWESOME!! 

Pressing the "power button" in the bottom-left corner turns on a green light and lights up the 3D business card.


This is a healing crystal left on Beth's desk by Sam Gundy. 


Okay, this is just weird.  

There a captain (?) atop a hill, over a pipe splurging out toxic waste into a body of water with dead fish, a boat with a woman being held captive in a cage, and a Buddha figure on a rocket ship flying away from a flaming sun made of zodiac symbols on a clock face with Roman numerals and keys... 

The clock face sun is actually a coded alphabet that we can use with the instructions on the back of the Lighthouse Festival flyer. 

Starting from the top, working clockwise, the symbols represent A, B, C, D, etc. 

Gwen's Letter

Gwen has done some more digging and got us a number of clues. 

It appears Beth was looking into the Navigators Club before her death, and Gwen is now following that lead. 


These are written on the back of the Lighthouse Festival flyer. 

Note the use of the word "kiddo" in the salutations. 

This is used with the clock face sun doodle. 

If a symbol has a small "2" written next to it, that means go around the clock face twice while continuing the alphabet. 

Once deciphered, the coded words read: 

  • "SPARE" 
  • "DATE" 
  • "MONTHS" 
  • "DAD" 


This is a regular pen with the inscription: "Mallory Rock, ME EST. September 1690". 

Town Council Meeting Transcripts

Sam Gundy was tardy... 

  • She was approximately a half-hour late.
  • It was her third time being late to a council meeting... 

Why did Clarence want the scholarship to not honor his sister anymore? 

Town Council Newsletter Article

This article lists a few "outside" places. One is a sundial. 

  • The "clock face" on the doodle was surrounded by sunrays.