Physical Items

Episode 5

Band Figurines 

These are gifts from Shannon. 

They are inside the merch bag. 

  • A figurine for each of the four band members. 

The bottom of the bases spell out "Ultra Violet" and have symbols: 

  • Jake: "ULT" → STAR 
  • Marcus: "RAV" → MUSIC NOTE 
  • Ollie: "IOL" → SMILEY FACE 
  • Gabe: "ET" → HEART 

Band Merch Bag

This is a gift from Shannon. 

Inside the bag are figurines of the four band members. 

Court Document

This details the lawsuit against Peter Bowman. 

This furthers his motive for killing Jake, seeing as he had altered the band's contract to include life insurance policies. 

  • Killing Jake and collecting the policy money would help him pay off the lawsuit. 

Elimination Notes

These are Shannon's notes for suspect elimination: suspect, alibi, location, and evidence. 

  • Gabe's alibi (taking a video) has been proven. 
  • Ollie's alibi (talking to stage manager) has been proven. 
  • Marcus's alibi (meeting a friend) has been proven. 
  • Dean's alibi (getting tea) has not been proven. 
  • Peter's alibi (park business) has not been proven. 
  • Rachel's alibi (talking to Gabe) has not been fully proven. 

Remaining Suspects 

  • Dean Castillo 
  • Peter Bowman 
  • Rachel Day 

Manager Note

Jake was meeting with someone from a talent agency, meaning he was looking to get rid of Rachel as his manager. 

Security Photo

This photo corroborates Marcus's witness statement from Episode 1 of him meeting a friend in the parking lot.  

The sticker on the windshield of the car is from the rehab center. This man must be Marcus's sponsor. 

The photo is timestamped at 1:31 P.M., which eliminates Marcus as a suspect. 

Shannon Letter

Shannon tells us of her meeting with Ollie. 

Of course, the cameras inside the studio happened to conveniently not be recording the day of the murder. 

Shannon wants us to figure out who the email is from on the desktop. 

Tabloid Article

Dean Castillo went full-boar with social media to boast that he would be doing a "tribute" to Jake.

  • Can you say attention-hog? 

Text Messages

These screenshots show time-stamped messages between Ollie and Ken.