Physical Items

Episode 3

 Charity Bracelet

Using the tattoo sheet to decode the message inside: 

  • 7 → Rose 
  • (o = i) → Rise 
  • to 5 → Star 
  • (+dom) → Stardom 
  • 2 → 4 

The password to the "Old Chat Logs" folder is: 


Fan Zine

This brings up the rumor of a fifth band member.  

According to the "contract" between Peter Bowman and Dean Castillo written on a restaurant napkin, Dean is the fifth member. 

Handwritten Lyrics

The date on these lyrics is around the time Jake was complaining in his journal about Gabe writing his own songs. 

The handwriting of "Love and War" does not match that of Jake's in the journal pages.  

  • Jake did not write this song. Marcus and Gabe wrote this song about Rachel. 
  • Jake stole Gabe's song for his solo album. 

Journal Pages

Jake was obviously more serious about the music than he let on to the public, and it's evident why he eventually went solo. 

Napkin Contract

This is a "contract" between Peter Bowman and Dean Castillo.  

Peter promised to make Dean a start in the "upcoming band". 

  • Dean is the rumored fifth band member. 
  • That's probably why he tried being so involved with his "ad-libs".

Photobooth Photo

This is the photo that was cut from the strip we received in Episode 2. 

The full inscription on the back is: 

  • "2gether 4ever - G hearts R"

The photo shows Gabe kissing Rachel; they were the "taboo relationship". 

Shannon Letter

Shannon is a dirty bird. 

She finagled her way into Jake's mom's house and "borrowed" some of his belongings. 

Tabloid Report

This just reveals how skeevy and primadonna Jake really was. 

Temporary Tattoo Sheet

Note the numbers next to each tattoo. These are used to decode the message inside the charity bracelet.