Curtain Call

Physical Items

Episode 4

Blueprint Pieces 

These are enclosed in the cigarette case.

Joe and his stage ciphers...

Once assembled, the key is in the bottom-right corner while the message is at the top.

Once deciphered, the message reads: 


Cigarette Case

The case holds the cut-up blueprint pieces.

Interlude NYC Article

This article can be cross-referenced with the photo on the shared desktop to deduce which restaurant Hector patronized.

Julia Letter

Julia gives us the new password to her folder on the virtual desktop.


As well as the subject line for when we eliminate another suspect: 


Magazine Article

Roland seemed to have no problem moving on and "progressing" after the death of Viola.

Police Report

This document confirms a few more details about Ruth Erikson's whereabouts the night of Viola's murder.

Despite the script notes from Episode 3 making it seem that Evelyn and Viola were on friendly terms, Evelyn's second interview with the detective shows she held quite some resentment toward Viola.

So, they closed the case simply due to Olga's persistence being a "nuisance" to the police force, and the possibility that she was just being forgetful of events that occurred the night of Viola's disappearance...?

Returned Letter

This letter is from Hector to Olga. 

He attempted to return her ring to her after the engagement was called off.

He also tries to convince Olga to let up on Viola and be more of a mother than an overbearing manager, of sorts.

But why was the letter returned?


This is enclosed with the returned letter in the sealed envelope.

"1903" is engraved inside the ring.

It was Viola's engagement ring and originally belonged to Olga.

Song Lyrics

The song titles are hints as to how to solve the hidden messages within the lyrics.

"Odd Endings" refers to reading the last letter of every other (odd) line. 

Once deciphered, the message reads: 


"My First and Last" refers to the first and last letter of every line. 

Once deciphered, the message reads: 


These songs were written by Ira.