The Moon Summit Mystery


Episode 5

Moon Summit Case 

Password: RMMS28 


Audio File 

Lillian is practicing her voiceover. 

  • She alludes that the commentary was created before the actual planned event she is referring to. 
  • Everything is staged with her... 

This recording was made the day of Toby's murder, 9-something PM.

  • Most likely around 9:48 PM, when she took the photograph of the waterfalls. 
  • She was hiking and headed toward rushing water. 
  • When the top bar is toggled all the way down, this eliminates Lillian's voice and all we hear is her getting closer to rushing water, i.e., the waterfalls. 

Whitlock University Portal 

Username: atakahashi 

Password: orcinus92 

Documents and Files 

Email Chains 

Conrad advocated for Emma's removal from the University. 

  • Why would he invite her along for the expedition then?!?