The Moon Summit Mystery

Physical Items

Episode 3

Ami Letter 

In this letter, Ami explains some evidence she sent to us. 

  • Beanie 
  • Signal mirror 

As well as some items she uploaded to DeviantTracker on Michelle's website

  • Video footage 

She tells us that Michelle also left us an "assignment". 

Documentary Storyboard

These must belong to Lillian Walker, as she is a documentarian. 

She seems to have storyboarded the altercation between Toby and Emma well before it even happened... 

  • How and why? 

The added notations on these pages are in Toby's handwriting... 

  • So he was in on this? 
  • It was planned? 
  • His journal entry made it sound as if he was surprised. 
  • Something's not adding up here... but it gives Lillian motivation. 
  • If she and Toby were working together and she felt he was leaving her behind by working for an outside company... 

Email Chain

From these exchanges, we gain Nigel's username for the University Portal. 

We also learn that the expedition team's jobs were in jeopardy pending the findings of the elusive ghost lynx. 

National Park Beanie

According to Ami, this beanie probably did not belong to Toby. 

It was found inside the lab tent. 

Sneaky, sneaky HaK. 

Written on the tag INSIDE the hat is a message: 

  • teatime2492 

This is the password for Nigel's login on the University Portal. 


There is a quadrant on the back of this postcard. 

  • I didn't know we were going back to math class! 🤔 

By process of elimination using handwriting comparisons, we know this was not written by Toby or Lillian. 

Placing the signal mirror over the square singles out "N" through the peephole. 

So we have "NER" for spare letters so far. 

  • Are we trying to spell "nerd"? 😏 

No, N stands for North. Continuing with how the grid has started mapping out the alphabet, finish it. 

  • The "key" at the top-right tells us that Y = A, U = B, and so on and so forth.
  • Using this pattern, we can begin mapping the substitution alphabet, working our way out to in and then clockwise. 

To decode the message, find the coded letter in the original alphabet (closest to the line) and collect the substituted letter. 

Once decoded, the message reads: 


Safety Protocols

"Bring Rusty to all unexplored areas." Too funny. 

There is some kind of code on the front of this item. 

  • It is Morse code. 

It is difficult to distinguish the spaces between the letters, but once deciphered, the message reads: 


There is an extra "E" on purpose. 

  • Why? 

Look back at the hiking medallion from Episode 2. 

  • The letter is "R". 

Signal Mirror

It reads like it was written by a person whose native language is not English. 

According to Ami, this mirror may not have belonged to Toby. 

Unlike the beanie, the mirror was found closer to the area where Toby's body was found. 

  • Was it dropped by the murderer? 

This item is used in conjunction with the postcard. 

Toby's Notebook Page

From these pages, we can deduce that "f/4" is a female. 

We also learn that "f/1.4" is female. 

Who's who? 


  • Emma Clarkson 
  • Lillian Walker 


  • Emma Clarkson 
  • Lillian Walker 


  • Nigel Ricci 
  • Russell Tudlik 


  • Conrad Wildingham 


  • Nigel Ricci 
  • Russell Tudlik 

Toby confirms that WiFi in the area is spotty and is only reliable right within the base camp. 

  • This would mean anyone who sent a transaction within the time frame of his death could possibly be eliminated as a suspect. 

In the 8/15 entry, why are the A and Bs in "UNBELIEVABLE" larger than the rest of the word? 

Toby got good news from an outside company wanting to use his photos. One of the women got upset about that. 

  • Was she jealous enough to kill Toby over it? 

I am thinking that "f/4" is Lillian Walker and "f/22" is Russell Tudlik, but I will leave the list as is until I gain more confirmation. 

WiFi Usage Log

Interesting. Toby's time of death is estimated between 9:00 pm and 10:15 pm, yet his laptop was accessed at 10:47 pm... for 12 minutes.