The Moon Summit Mystery

Physical Items

Episode 2

Ami Letter 

Ami informs us that she uploaded a new document to her section of the shared desktop


This was found near the trail the killer used to get back to the base camp. 

  • This means the compass must have belonged to the killer. Did they drop it or throw it away on purpose? 

Faculty Reviews

I laughed out loud when I started reading the first negative student review for Conrad... 

OMG. And the same with Nigel's...

So, basically, these two guys royally suck at their jobs yet the university commends them... What a crock.

Hiking Medallion

Toby bought one of these for all the expedition members when they first arrived. 

There is some kind of etching on the back... 

PI Letter

Michelle explains that Ami will be corresponding with us directly from now on, and that we also will be getting new passwords for the shared desktop

Protest Article

This article was written approximately 2 years before the expedition which took Toby's life was executed. 

Emma apparently used to be on the Whitlock staff. 

She is an extreme environmentalist. 

Toby's Notebook Page

Is M14536 the laptop Toby was assigned? 

He gives us a password for it: 

  • Alaska06 (how original...)

Why does he assign camera apertures to people instead of using their names? 

Who's who? 


  • Emma Clarkson 
  • Lillian Walker 
  • Nigel Ricci 
  • Russell Tudlik 


  • Emma Clarkson 
  • Lillian Walker 
  • Nigel Ricci 
  • Russell Tudlik 


  • Emma Clarkson 
  • Lillian Walker 
  • Nigel Ricci 
  • Russell Tudlik


  • Conrad Wildingham 


  • Emma Clarkson
  • Lillian Walker 
  • Nigel Ricci 
  • Russell Tudlik 

Topographical Map

We can use this in conjunction with the infrared stills Michelle uploaded to find the trail the killer used to return to the base camp. 

  • The killer used the "Tall Pines Trail". 
  • Email this information to Michelle using the contact form on her website

Weekly Report

This explains why the stills Michelle uploaded on her website are just that, photos instead of video. 

The report was written by Nigel Ricci and saved to a laptop (ID: M14532) at 10:51 pm.