Class of '98


Episode 6

MacDonagh Case


Username: grayinvestigations

Password: foghorn1212



Password: BRL071

Even with headphones, buds in both ears, and volume all the way up, it is very hard to decipher the audio in the clips.

  • At certain points, I heard what sounded like dripping water, a woman gasping, something being dragged across something, a woman's haggard breathing, and music, but mostly silence like these were butt-dials...
  • The song is "You Were Meant for Me" by Jewel. This was on Robyn's love mix to Charlie in high school...



Password: NSR011

This was posted the day after Charlie's car was vandalized.

It was posted by Robyn.

  • Was she responsible for all the vandalism work back then? How about now, with Charlie's gravestone?
  • The ring on Robyn's finger can be deduced to be Charlie's. So she is the one who bought it after he pawned it.
  • She's still jealous of him after all this time? Wow, I did not see this one coming at all. I thought I had it nailed down, but this evidence is damning when there is nothing against Neeta except for her initial. She probably was having an affair with Sarah, but she was not the one to kill Charlie.