Class of '98

Episode 4


High school reunion started.

6:00 PM

Susan Li left the reunion.

8:40 PM

HS reunion ended. 

Antonio Villar left the reunion and sat in the parking lot for a bit. He may or may not have seen Charles MacDonagh drive off with someone.

9:00 PM

Susan Li called her lawyer. They spoke for a half-hour or so.

9:10 PM

Order was placed by Sarah MacDonagh for delivery at Pizza & Subs located on Willow Ln.

9:12 PM

Arthur Hughes posted his blog and karaoke video.

9:22 PM

Surveillance footage showed Antonio Villar at the Taverna.

9:32 PM

Estimated time of death of Charles MacDonagh verified by Dr. Kara Duncan.

👀 In real life, TOD can only be narrowed down to a range of hours, not exact minutes.

9:35 PM - 9:40 PM

Time on wall clock in Aura McBride's pic of "cleaning up after the reunion" posted on social media. 

Nicholas Matsoukas was at Manifest Destiki. Or at least his credit card was.

9:42 PM

Aura McBride claimed to have finished cleaning up after the reunion a little after this time. 

Susan Li called Aura McBride. Aura did not answer.

9:45 PM

Arthur Hughes arrived at the bar shortly after this time. Antonio Villar was the only other alumni there.

10:00 PM

Robyn Dupre arrived at Dimitri's, followed by Gavin Nash and Neeta Patel.

10:10 PM

Aura McBride came upon the scene of the crime and discovered Charles MacDonagh's body.

10:15 PM

911 received a phone call from Aura McBride.

10:17 PM

Surveillance footage showed Antonio Villar at the Taverna.

10:23 PM

Deputy James Goff arrived at the scene of the crime.

10:39 PM

Deputy James Goff secured the scene and contacted dispatch to request medical assistance.

10:44 PM

Deputy James Goff called Sheriff Stephen Navarro to relay what had occurred.

10:47 PM

Sheriff Stephen Navarro contacted Michelle Gray for assistance in the case.

10:52 PM

Michelle Gray left the bar she was at.

10:58 PM

Dr. Kara Duncan arrived at the scene of the crime.

11:04 PM

Dr. Kara Duncan pronounced Charles MacDonagh deceased by visual observation that the victim was not breathing and did not present a pulse or other indications of heartbeat or respiration.

11:12 PM

Michelle Gray arrived at the scene of the crime.

11:16 PM

Charles MacDonagh's body was removed from the scene of the crime.

12:25 AM