Class of '98

Physical Items

Episode 4

 LA Today Newspaper Clipping

Gavin is being accused of performing an unwanted surgery on one of his patients out of jealousy of the patient canoodling with his ex-wife.

Letter from Private Investigator

So, Nic's mother is the co-owner of the Taverna? 

Michelle hopes that we'll be able to eliminate "a few more suspects" from the current lineup. 

  • Does this mean we'll be able to eliminate more than just one suspect on the recaps page!? 

LFoA Internal Memo

Nic works for Listening Friends of America! (as noted in Michelle's letter). 

  • What a twist! 

There are small phrases written under lines throughout the memo. 

  • "ALICE 3 (superscript) 7 mod 17". 
  • "BOB 3 (superscript) 15 mod 17". 
  • "Footnote: HvwgkwxzzbchvoddsbouowbBwq." 

The method used for deciphering is the Diffie-Hellman.

Once decoded, the message reads: 

  • "ThiswillnothappenagainNic" 

Local Newspaper Clipping

Robyn Dupre hosted a Farmer's Festival. 

  • Booorrriinnngggg. 

On the flip side, they held a memorial for a horse? lol 

Matsoukas' Witness Statement

This statement is from Athena Matsoukas, Nic Matsoukas's mother and co-owner of the Taverna.

She claims that Nic showed up before everyone else. 

  • This contradicts several other witness statements. What is she trying to hide? 

Phone Records

All phone numbers are redacted for the most part except one... 

  • This number belongs to "The Law Offices of Kelly and Kelly". They specialize in insurance in animal law. 

Small Note

This was found in Charlie's house along with the little troll doll. 

This note was not written by Charlie. The handwriting does not match that of the Valentine's card. 

  • The handwriting belongs to Aura, Charlie's cousin. 

The paper is yellowed around the edges... 

  • It was written before Maggie was born. 

Toy Doll

This is a little troll doll with pink hair. It was found in Charlie's house along with a slip of paper. 

*I immediately looked for a hole in the butt to see if it was one of those pencil toppers I used to have as a kid. lol 

Valentine's Day Card

This was found in Charlie's house. 

It is from Charlie to his wife, Sarah. 

Why did Michelle almost regret taking it?