Class of '98


Episode 2

MacDonagh Case 

School Records

Password: CNH192


School Records

This is a blank document. Hmm.


Gives us a screenshot of a post from Aura McBride.

This shows the high school gymnasium.

The basketball net is torn off and slung to the side of the backboard.

The clock on the wall reads 9:42 (assuming it's PM).


Username:  grayinvestigations

Password: foghorn1212



Password: JMR508



Password: AHG775

Oh, come on! Who the heck really texts in code like this...?

You can copy and paste the coded messages and plug them into the automatic shift tool to decipher them.

The second text screenshot is an extension of the first.

Once decoded, the messages read...

  • Sarah: I can't do this anymore. He refuses to believe anything is wrong...
  • N: I know.
  • N: It won't be much longer. He'll have to realize then.
  • Sarah: Promise?
  • N: Are you in bed?
  • Sarah: No, I'm in the kitchen.
  • N: Go out on the porch and call me. He won't hear.
  • Sarah: ...Alright.
  • Sarah: Give me a minute.

Who is N? Could it be Neeta? Could it be Nic? He was seriously late showing up to the diner...

Were N and Sarah having an affair?

  • "Are you in bed?" is coded, why else would it be?

It doesn't look good for Sarah. It seems like she may have been plotting her husband's murder...

The signature on the receipt looks like it may be Sarah MacDonagh.

  • She ordered dinner for herself and Maggie.
  • Was this to try and establish some kind of alibi or a celebratory dinner?