The Moon Summit Mystery


Episode 1

Moon Summit Case 

Password: XNYL01 

Michelle has really kicked this website up compared to her website for Charles MacDonagh in Class of '98. 

This is where we can access files that Michelle uploads as well as Ami's university portal. 

Whitlock University Portal 

Username: atakahashi 

Password: orcinus92 

Ami provides us with a supply list of what was issued to the expedition team. 

Note that the tactical knife measures 5" long. 

  • This is the depth of the lung wound noted in the autopsy report. 

Moon Summit National Park

A lot of this information is also included in the wildlife guide. 

We can learn a little bit about the park and which areas are more prominent to have certain types of animals. 

  • Region 3A (Echo Cavern) has a grizzly bear habitat. 
  • Region 1C (West Edge Cliff) holds the eagle's nest Toby was supposedly interested in photographing.