The Moon Summit Mystery

Physical Items

Episode 1

 Ami Letter

Ami informs us of how to access her files on Michelle's website

This is the letter Michelle received asking for her services. 


Okay, now I am starting to understand why this is a suspected murder instead of an obvious open-and-shut animal attack.

In the "circumstantial summary", the ME states: "The postmortem injuries obscure the specific circumstances of the fatality, but are consistent with scavenging behaviors of animals known in the area the decedent was found." 

  • Any injuries caused by a murder would have been decimated and covered up by scavenging animals. 

Bear Claw

This was discovered in the lab tent at the campsite. 

Department Newsletter

This newsletter sports an article of the planned expedition to find the "ghost lynx". 

Zombie Fungus and Other Entomopathogenic Parasites!! 

  • Where the hell was this class when I was taking college courses?! 

Field Interviews

Conrad Wildingham 

An hour or so of stretching? 

  • Jeez-uz.

Conrad mentions an eagle's nest Toby was interested in to the southeast of the camp. 

Emma Marie Clarkson 

Emma claims she accompanied Rusty to check on a trap. 

She also mentions the eagle's nest Toby was interested in. 

  • The body was found west of the camp. 

Lillian Walker 

Lillian also went off by herself after dinner/sundown. Even though she knew they were not to go off alone. 

She knew that Toby had gone off on his own too. Or did he? Maybe they went off together... 

Nigel Ricci 

Nigel is the only expedition member to not have a bad thing to say about Toby. 

He says he heard rustling sounds coming from another tent and just assumed it was Conrad doing his exercises. 

  • Could this have been a struggle between Toby and his killer? 

Rusty Tudlik 

Rusty accounts for being the one to realize Toby was missing at "curfew" and how he alerted the ranger station. 

According to Rusty, Toby was inexperienced in comparison to the rest of the expedition members. 

Incident Area Sketch

This shows the approximation of locations. 

  • Why were the compass and medallion on opposite sides of the camp yet so far from the mirror and body? 
  • Did Toby lose them as he was hiking? 

Incident Report

We can start building a timeline from this document. 

Ranger Beth Fleming observed that it appeared the body was dragged to the cave entrance, and that the cause of death was a bear attack as there were bear tracks and bear scat nearby. 

Along with a destroyed camera, shredded granola bar wrapper, and flashlight, Toby's backpack was found 2 yards from his body. 

The backpack contained: 

  • a wallet 
  • lanyard and attached keychain 
  • multitool (which we received) 
  • camera lens 
  • compass 
  • Moon Summit wildlife guide (which we received) 
  • Moon Summit Region 3A map 
  • functional walkie-talkie


This was found in Toby Mendia's backpack. 


This is a photograph of the victim, Toby Mendia, postmortem. 

PI Letter

Michelle has created a new shared desktop for us and is assigning assignments this time around. 

Ooh, DeviantTracker Pro... Wonder what upgrades that program has been given. 

She gives us a semi-tutorial of how to navigate the website.

Wildlife Guide

We are provided a website in this booklet. 

It also doubles as a place to keep our notes throughout this season.