Episode 6

Penny in Paris 

The URL for this website can be found by solving the hidden code in Penny's letter. 

This is Penny's blog site from Paris. 

She reveals that she left Angela's body in the car when she ditched it at the airport. 

  • Why was this fact left out of Kelly's report to Felix? 
  • And she even posts a pic of the body in the trash bags and tarp she purchased at Luna's General Store. The nerve of this woman! 
  • This is the only pic on the blog that can be clicked on to reveal a more colorful detailed rendering. 

Calling the phone number at the bottom of the blog site sends us to Penny's voicemail. 

  • Interesting. 

Penny speaks some sentences in French. Translated, she is saying: 

  • "I am finally free. I killed my husband and my son, both of them, it was me. And I regret nothing." 
  • "Goodbye, my friend."