Episode 5

...Listening Friends of America Second Chance 

Password: hackeysack23 

We will be attempting to fill out the "General Form". 

The information needed will be obtained from all the clues we've been provided up to this point. 

Authorized Staff User Credentials 

Username: I-976-VL

Password: hackeysack23 

Inspector Number: I-976-VL

Subject Information 

Patient Number: 12279 

Case Number: 291874143 

Current Location (Facility) (Number): 044404 


Sequence: None 

Reason: 34/8769 

Priority Code 

Initial: 589022 

Current: 0008 

Remedy of Change 

Destination (Facility) (Number): 090009 

Two-Digit Cycle Code: 45

Four-Digit Index: 2005

Authorization Code 


Entering the information correctly and submitting the form gives us the message that Penny will be released on the next available shuttle. 

  • How much you wanna bet in the final episode, we learn that we just reprieved an actual murderer and she wasn't innocent at all...