Physical Items

Episode 3


A reference to JWJ from Awakening! (1618) 

Based on information in Penny's letter about Kohler, is it safe to assume that proctor 34 was Dr. Kohler? 

  • If so, Penny was right. He done effed up and shit the bed. 

Cross-stitch Panel

Using the needle, yarn, and the color key at the bottom of Penny's letter, completing the panel reveals a message: 


Cross-stitch Pattern

This is a gift from Penny, to share in the arts and crafts the facility had her doing. 


Ugh, this thing reads like stereo instructions. 😁 

Letter from Penny

Penny says she doesn't think Kingsley is trying hard enough in her case. 

  • I don't think he is either. 

Penny said "High five" at the end of a sentence. 

High fives are mentioned again when Penny speaks of Sven. 

Counting every fifth word in the next paragraph reveals a message: 

  • "Kohler is listening friends hired psych enforcement help me use Vernon's form" 

Did Penny mean to put an extra "is" in the beginning of the fourth paragraph?

 Why does she only include two dots in her ellipses?

Kenny always wanted a dog, but he got a pig instead? That makes no sense... 

Did she seriously just say Kenny manipulated her into having a child? 

Penny talks about her paintings and waiting until she finishes them all "to see the bigger picture"? 

  • I wonder if we'll be able to piece them together once we collect all of them. 

In the postscript, Penny uses the word "two" instead of "to". 

  • What could this allude to? 

Penny gives us the color key for the cross-stitch pattern she gave us.

  • All but two of the codes are letters. Two are purely numbers. 

Magazine Page

The travel ad sports Thailand as one of their getaway locations, the same as the postcard. 

The article on the other side is about Dr. Kohler. 

If Kohler is the head psychologist in Boise, Idaho, what the heck is he doing in Texas? 


This is used to thread the yarn into the cross-stitch panel.

Note from Patient 7166

Pay attention to the salutation: "HIGH FIVE BUDDY". Penny also mentioned "high five" in her letter. 

  • This note uses the same coded message key as her letter. 

Counting every fifth word of the message body reveals a hidden message: 

  • "I hope you are getting someone to put the numbers in the form that is the only way you are getting out of here". 

Penny's Painting

Rotating the painting 90 degrees to the right reveals a Morse code. 

The decoded message reads: 


Postcard Copy

Kenny went traveling without Penny? 

  • Was this before or after Gregory was born? 
  • Why didn't he bring her with him? 

Why was this "seized" as evidence? 

  • Is it considered motivation on Penny's part to kill Kenny? 

Second Chance Letter

Vernon is, like, very unprofessional in his writing. What is he, like, a surfer dude wannabe? 

Stuffed Pig

Penny mentions this in her letter, relating how instead of a dog, the late Kenny had gotten a pig. However, she did not say how she came about it or why she had it. 


Penny only gave us brown and yellow yarn. 

The label has quite a few misspellings. Are these intentional? 

  • Advamced instead of advanced 
  • Envionment instead of environment