Physical Items

Episode 2

Bug in Resin 

This was given to Penny by Kingsley, to remind her of Kenny and his pet name for Gregory, which was Bug. 

Closing Statement Copy

This is the closing statement of the prosecution. 

In it, the prosecutor pushes for a guilty verdict, noting Dr. Richards' evaluation, despite us not having a transcript. He claims there is no reasonable doubt. I found there to be plenty. 

Financial Statement

This is a bank record of Penny's son's college fund, in the names of Kenny and his sister, Angela. 

Why are there gaps between the ending and starting balances? 

Why are there personal charges for art supplies? 

  • Penny didn't even have access to this account. Was Angela making these purchases, trying to frame Penny? 

Letter from Penny

In this letter, Penny expresses her doubts about our existence. She borders on conspiratorial thoughts. 

She mentions her Inspector, Vernon, helping her get "conveniences". 

  • What does she mean by this? 

Out of the blue, Penny says she likes to use fresh soap. 

What help is she to Vernon? 

Penny says "whatever four" instead of "whatever for"... 

  • What is the significance of "four"? 

Since the only oddities in this letter are the mention of soap and the misuse of "four", let's try counting every fourth word of that line. 

The revealed message reads: 

  • "Use Vernon to help me." 

Magazine Page

This is the "fan article" Penny referred to in her letter. 

Penny's parents seem very neglectful and unsupportive. 

All of her colleagues and peers attest to the fact that she was never mentally unstable. 

Modeling Sand

Upon inspection of the modeling sand, a piece of paper containing coordinates can be found within. 

  • I used tweezers to carefully remove mine from the sand. 

The secret note is from Vernon. He gives a website and a password. 

All of the coordinates, with the exception of the last set, point to LFoA facilities. 

  • #010199: St. Paul, Minnesota (which is funny that's the first one, I work in St. Paul, MN) 
  • #010212: Darlington, Maryland 
  • #025489: Colorado Springs, Colorado 
  • #030333: Bozeman, Montana 
  • #030377: Boise, Idaho 
  • #037643: Slidell, Louisiana 
  • #038210: Ashland, Oregon 
  • #039107: Fort Worth, Texas 
  • #044404: Current Facility, Texas 
  • #053799: San Diego, California 
  • #057005: Olympia, Washington 
  • #069208: Athens, Georgia 
  • #071263: Santa Fe, New Mexico 
  • #078339: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • #083660: Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
  • #090009: A point in the Bering Sea, off of Alaska, which Penny mentioned in her first letter. 

Note from Patient 7166

Use the cutout magazine scraps and arrange to complete the words. 

The message reads: 

  • "They watch us sleeping but for why we never hear TV on news mute." 

Penny also saidIf we rearrange the magazine scraps without the patient note, another message is revealed: pieces can be read together the wrong way. 

  • "Watch for numbers." 

This points us back to Penny's letter and the puzzle within. 

Penny's Painting

This artwork was done with acrylic paints. 

It depicts two birds in a nest atop a tall tree. 

It appears the land below is on fire. 

Upon closer scrutiny, certain parts of the painting jump out to reveal a hidden message. 

  • The white marks are actually Morse code. 

The message reads: 

  • "I am Penny" 

Psychiatric Evaluation Document

This is a second opinion of Penny's mental state and well-being, provided by Dr. Melonie Richards.

The evaluation from Dr. Richards did not find substantial evidence of schizophrenia or delusions, as Dr. Kohler had found in the initial evaluation. 

Second Chance Letter

This letter comes from our Inspector this time, Vernon Li. 

He admits that Penny will need all the help she can get.