Episode 6

...Listening Friends of America Archives 

Archive: ANCESTOR 

Password: Heart 

The word "Ancestor" can be found in the Listening Friends of America letter. 

"Heart" can be found on the frog diagram; it is the only correctly labeled part of the frog. 

Hidden Words 

  1. Pieces 
  2. Protocol 
  3. Ashland 

Did anyone else notice the small dot at the bottom of the hidden archives page before!? 

  • This is the "back door to the back door". 

Enter the "secret words" one at a time. 

  1. Begin 
  2. Cronus 
  3. Balance 
  4. Synchronization 
  5. Reassembly 
  6. Protocol 

This unlocks the "Reassembly" (ending) video. 

  • Wow, it appears Jasper has not slept in some time. Look at those bags under his eyes. He really is all packed up and ready to go on his vacation. 
  • Jasper is batshit crazy, actually believing his victims are still here with him. 
  • Jasper tried "discovering" how his mechanisms worked. 
  • Felix is a badass! WTF!