Physical Items

Episode 6

 Cricket Toy

The toy has some kind of panel clipped to its back. 

  • It is connected by wires to some kind of "battery" inside the cricket's body. 

Employee Directory 

As promised, "Meg" has delivered to us the Bozeman employee directory. 

Upon initial inspection (just flipping through while inventorying), EGAD!! 

*I got chills and goosebumps all the way to the top of my head when I accidentally spied the employee profiles section... I had a hard time breathing and had to take a small break to calm down... while my coworker sat and watched me freak out. 

The disclaimer in the introduction states that all employee photos are current. 

Why are the woman's eyes black-boxed on the "Personal Safety on Campus" page?

It appears as if Jasper got a hold of an official directory and taped in photos of his "trophies". 

Gotta laugh at Clark Love's quote... 

Once again, Felix refers to LFoA as a Family. 

  • Is he really the mastermind behind all this chaos? First, JWJ (Awakening) and now Jasper? 

Fire Escape Map 

The map notes where most of the victims listed on the "Jewelry Repair Record" were murdered. 

  • All but Manny, Nathan Smith, and the sheriff. 
  • He killed Manny before he was committed to the facility. 
  • Did he kill Nathan Smith and the sheriff offsite as well? 

Frog Diagram

More backward cursive... 

Why the repetition? 

This dissected frog has a human heart in its body cavity. 

The only correct term in this diagram is "Heart". 

  • This is the password for the hidden archive on the Listening Friends of America website. 

Letter from Jasper 

Jasper, once again, speaks of his "machine". 

He exclaims his relief in us helping them (us). 

  • Who is "us"? 

Jasper proclaims he was the horseman depicted in his journal page from Episode 2.

 Jasper uses several sentences from "Meg's" LFoA letters.

  • "I also want you to know that everything here is running very smoothly." (Episode 3
  • Jasper says he's going on vacation soon. (Episode 4
  • "It was more trouble than it should have been, to make all that time up!" (Episode 4)

This points further toward my theory that Jasper has been masquerading as Meg (and possibly other staff) for a very long time. This theory is further supported by the employee directory. 

Jasper states that people who receive "toys" from him do not get to play with them, yet the "toy" touches their heart. 

  • Literally. 

Jasper reveals he is the one behind the encrypted archive files on the Listening Friends of America website. 

What else will we find beyond the "back door of the back door"? 

"Follow the six breadcrumbs" nudges us to pay attention to the breads Jasper mentions through his letter. 

  • Manny preferred anadama 
  • Brioche was the Mirror 
  • Garden ciabatta 
  • Himbasha for the Heartbeat 
  • Tea cakes in Pieces 
  • Passenger gets Pumpernickel 

He then tells us to put them in the correct order. Listing the breads in alphabetical order, we get: 

  1. Manny preferred anadama 
  2. Brioche was the Mirror 
  3. Garden ciabatta 
  4. Himbasha for the Heartbeat 
  5. Passenger gets Pumpernickel 
  6. Tea cakes in Pieces 

Each of the above bolded/red words can be found in the hidden archives, followed by another word: 

  1. Manny - Begin (Episode 1)
  2. Mirror - Cronus (Episode 2)
  3. Garden - Balance (Episode 3
  4. Heartbeat - Synchronization (Episode 4)
  5. Passenger - Reassembly (Episode 5
  6. Pieces - Protocol (Episode 6)

Listening Friends of America Letter

Why is Jasper still signing this letter as "Meg"? 

Why does Jasper all of a sudden speak about frogs? 

This letter hints at which hidden archive can be accessed on the Listening Friends of America website. 

  • The hidden archive is "Ancestor". 

Note from Felix 

It seems Felix orchestrated the entire thing and allowed these deaths in order to trap Jasper. 

  • Why? 

Picture Frame

The picture frame is carved out of wood and is in the shape of a heart. 

  • I assume it was carved by Jasper. 

Repair Log

Is this a list of all Jasper's victims? 

  • The sheriff is also on here. 
  • Did Jasper write the sheriff's last letter? That would explain the change in the logo. 

Are the numbers under "Case No." the victims' ages?