Physical Items

Episode 3

Knots to Know Print 

What a lovely print. It is so interesting how each numbered figure diagrams so closely which way to go with a rope. What would Jasper use these knots for? 

~Meghan Gibson 

Jasper sent this to us to help us understand one of his hobbies. 

It is also used along with his accompanying letter to decode a password to a hidden archive on the Listening Friends of America website. 

Letter from Jasper 

It looks like Jasper is getting caught up in the time, but it is in such a specific way. It almost feels like he is outside of time. And I can tell he does not trust the motives of certain authority figures. I can understand that. 

~Meghan Gibson 

Why does Meg say she can understand Jasper's animosity toward authority figures? What would make her feel this way? 

Throughout the letter, Jasper lists random times. These are used along with the "Knots to Know" print that he sent us. 

The second number in each "time" is the number of a knot. The first number in each "time" is the number by which to shift the first letter of the knot's title. 

Four Past Two 

Bowline ⇒ 2 (B) + 4 = F 

Five of Ten 

Fisherman's knot ⇒ 10 (F) - 5 = A

One on the Dot 

Clove hitch ⇒ 1 (C) +/- 0 = C

Two Past One 

Clove hitch ⇒ 1 (C) + 2 = E 

Twelve Past Seven 

Harness hitch ⇒ 7 (H) + 12 = T 

"FACET" is the password for the hidden archive "Woven" on the Listening Friends of America website. 

Is this gibberish in the archives ever going to make sense!? 

 Letter from Sheriff

The sheriff discovered a body near the facility. 

He also found a staff calendar, which looked odd to him. 

 Letter from Sylvia

I am not sure I am following these letters from Sylvia correctly. What did the first one say? What about the second? 

~Meghan Gibson 

If the facility is IN Bozeman, how come it took Sylvia an hour to get TO the facility FROM Bozeman? 

There are odd symbols spread throughout this letter. Sylvia references Babylon. These symbols are part of their ancient language called cuneiform. 

Using cuneiform to decode the symbols, a message is revealed: 

  • What does she have planned? 

 Listening Friends of America Letter

Another letter from yours truly. I hope that I do not come across too strongly. I really want this listening friend to stay in the program. 

~Meghan Gibson 

Why does Meg want so badly for Jasper to "stay in the program"? 

  • What is he up to inside that would jeopardize his eligibility? 

Meg now wants us to recommend the Listening program to others. Why? 

Again, Meg insists that everything in the program is running smoothly. 

  • Why is she so adamant about that? What does she really know? 

Note from Felix 

In this note, Felix ascertains that his previous suspicions of Dr. Cortes were correct.

He implores us to continue delving into the hidden archives on the Listening Friends of America website.


Something with which to practice tying knots. Smooth and strong. 

~Meghan Gibson 

As indicated by the inspector notes, this piece is intended for use in practicing knot-tying.

Photo of Corpse

The body is indistinguishable as to the gender. 

  • The head appears to be covered with a plastic bag of some sort. 
  • Possible cause of death: asphyxiation. 

It is lying prone (face down), appearing to be stripped of any clothing. 

  • There are multiple lacerations covering the entire backside of the body. 
  • Only the torso is covered with leaves. 
  • Why not the entire span? Because it was a "challenge" as the sheriff speculated? 

Could this be the corpse of the real Dr. Cortes? Is Jasper impersonating the real Dr. Cortes for the sheriff's visits? 

  • Otherwise, if patients cannot take visitors, how else does Jasper know of the sheriff's mannerisms and appearance as mentioned in his accompanying letter? 

Sheriff's Supplemental Report

According to this letter, not a single patient has visitation rights. 

This report supports that Clark is the groundskeeper. 

  • Clark returned from vacation on the staff calendar. 

According to this report, Dr. Cortes lives onsite and has 24/7 access to the facility. 

The sheriff is the one who provided us with the staff calendar, as he thought it had some importance. 

Poème Symphonique is a 1962 composition by György Ligeti for one hundred mechanical metronomes. It was written during his brief acquaintance with the Fluxus movement. 

  • This fits in with Jasper's obsession with time. 

*I despise metronomes!!! 😒 

Staff Calendar

The handwriting for Cortes's shifts and "Cleaning Day" are the same. 

  • Given that it appears employees write the entries themselves, is Cortes in charge of the cleaning assignments? 
  • What type of cleaning...? 

It is supported by the sheriff's accompanying supplemental report that Clark is the groundskeeper for the Bozeman facility. 

What does Meg mean by "backup"? 

Stallion Necklace

I see. The wild horse. But what if a horse prefers the stable? 

~Meghan Gibson 

This is a golden pendant on a long chain. 

  • It coincides with the equestrian theme of this season.