Physical Items

Episode 6

 Aaron de Vaille Letter

Aaron reveals that he has gotten rid of JWJ and surpassed his place. He has also gotten rid of Bob, JWJ's most loyal lackey. 

 Dragon Swan Manifesto

JWJ reveals his ideology behind the cult he had established. 

Letter from Felix 

Felix mentions finding us a new friend to commune with, but we will be on the inside under the rouse of still being just a volunteer. 

 Listening Friends of America Pin

This is a "gift" from Felix appropriating our new status within Listening Friends of America. 

 Talaria Letters 1 & 2

One letter informs that this will be the final package sent through their system. 

The other letter reads exactly like the first 3 Talaria letters, meaning they have gone back to their original ways. 

 Wolf Symbol Message

The key to solving this is revealed in the wolf print from Episode 5. 

When decoded, the message reads: 


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