Physical Items

Episode 3

Aaron de Vaille Letter 

In this letter, Aaron de Vaille introduces himself to us and discusses 3 choices for his sacrifice to complete his transformation. 

Employee of the Month Flyer 

The woman in this flyer, Catherine Hill, is referenced in Aaron de Vaille's accompanying letter. 

According to the letter, Aaron seems to have no ill feelings toward Catherine. 

 Facebook Screenshot

This is a screenshot of John Blaine's employee spotlight on the Listening Friends of America Facebook page. 

 Happy Balloon Activity

We are meant to cut out the hot air balloons and cut along the dotted line, then place the two pieces together. 

This gives us a word to search for on the Whispers from Theodorus website: "Electiones", which is Latin for "choices".

  • Search using the word electiones and use "choices" as the password. 

John William James Letter 

JWJ talks of heading farther west and cleaning up the mess his disciples have made along the way. 

  • Does he plan to eliminate them as he eliminated Jacob Nilson?

JWJ references how Aaron de Vaille was transferred from Darlington because of his correspondences with JWJ. 

Map Screenshot 

This is a map for the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. It is slightly altered from the original map. 

  • The original map shows a person on horseback in the "yield to" symbol, while the screenshot shows a person walking a dog. 
  • There is also an extra trail added to the screenshot map that is not on the original. 

 Newspaper Article

This article relays the disappointment JWJ found in Cleo. She killed a complete stranger, but she was caught by the authorities. She was sloppy. JWJ does not like sloppiness. 

Rune Message

Using the Viking runic alphabet to translate, the message reads: "I LIC XE LIST PIC WIZLY XE HISTORYAN WIL NO". 

  • Phonetically, the message reads as: "I LIKE THE LIST. PICK WISELY. THE HISTORIAN WILL KNOW." 

Talaria Letter

This letter reads the exact same as the previous two Talaria letters. 

Website Profile Screenshot

This is the profile of Clarissa Hatherly, who is referenced in Aaron de Vaille's accompanying letter. 

According to the letter, Aaron dislikes Clarissa for "airing her dirty laundry" on social media.