Physical Items

Episode 2

Beehive Print 

The key to decoding this message is inside the accompanying plastic jar. 

The small thumbtack hole signifies the top of the paper and how to orient it in order to read the message. 

Once decoded, the message reads: 


John William James Letter 

In this letter, JWJ reveals that Bob was the intended recipient on the encoded website blog. He instructed Bob to kill his mother, and so he has. 

JWJ reveals he has changed locations and has found yet another person to initiate into his cult.

Newspaper Article 

This article reveals that "M" in the handwritten note from Episode 1 was Marjorie, Robert's mother. It details how he murdered her. 

 Plastic Jar

Inside is a piece of folded paper stuck to the bottom of the jar with honey. On this piece of paper are colored hexagons matching those on the beehive print. This is the key to solving the beehive print message. 

The letters on the lid of the jar are key to solving the message in the swirled text print. 

Swirled Text Print 

The key to solving this encrypted message is on the lid of the sample jar. 


Using this as a baseline, A becomes Z, B becomes Y, and so on and so forth. Or, you could just simply look for commonalities, i.e., "the" being the most common three-letter word and there is a three-letter word that has a repeated pattern.

Once deciphered, the message reads: 

  • "Well done, my dearest friend. Have you seen the news? I certainly helped Bob make his mark on the world. Now he goes under my guidance to save them from themselves. I stopped by the old farm after. It is still an ashen blemish upon the earth where the long-dead whisper." *The message is incomplete. The Black Talaria card is no longer sent to us. This included a clue. Once deciphered, it would lead you to the Whispers from Theodorus website.

Talaria Letter 

This letter states the same disclaimer as the Talaria letter in Episode 1. 

 Toy Train

This hints at JWJ's current location.