Off the Record

Physical Items

Episode 6

 Ashley's Gift

This was a gift from Reggie to Ashley. Reggie thought Ashley would want us to have it.

This is a functioning quill pen with a bottle of black ink.

  • Pen and ink was my favorite medium in high school art class...

Controlled Substance Records

This is a list of pharmacies that distribute fentanyl.

 Documentary Materials

This is a storyboard layout for Harold Richards' documentary video.

Notice in shot #6, there is a clock in the background reading 10:00.

  • According to Judith's final email to Harold in the email thread, this clock is 2 hours fast meaning it was actually 8:00, not 10:00.
  • This means he was at home, not at the library at the time of Ashley's murder.

Email Thread

According to Judith's last email to Harold, the clock in the study is 2 hours fast

 Evidence Note

This is a copy of the note found by Lewis's body at the scene of his death.

 Fingerprint Records

These can be compared to the partial fingerprinted included in Ashley's autopsy report from Episode 2.

TFC's fingerprints do not match.

 Frannie's Key

This is a lapel pin with CTRL + F on the front.

The keyboard shortcut for "FIND".

Frannie's Letter

We finally get our last coded message at the bottom of this letter.

All 3 messages are:


Lewis's Autopsy

The killer also left a partial fingerprint on Lewis's body.

Unlike Ashley, Lewis was injected with fentanyl while he was still alive.

All injection marks were made in quick succession.

  • The syringe was stabbed into Lewis's arm multiple times before death, not indicative of routine drug use by Lewis.
  • It would appear the killer was trying to make it look as if Lewis was a druggie, as they had attempted with Ashley's body but producing multiple puncture wounds.
  • Was the killer attempting to frame Lewis as Ashley's killer who then accidentally OD'd?
  • If so, the blunt force trauma to the head kind of negates that approach...

 Police Report

A note was found near Lewis's body regarding a meeting and amount of money.

Reggie's Flower

This is a gift from Reggie for us helping with the case.

According to her letter, it is an Aster.

 Reggie's Letter

Reggie fills us in on her fears and gratitude for our involvement in the case.

She explains a little bit about the gifts that we received.

Sealed Envelope

containing one document

Since we're supposed to wait for her word, I wonder if this is in case anything happens to Frannie also...