Off the Record


Episode 6

Who killed Ashley Mendoza?

Kim Barton

Log into Ashley's blog to upload evidence.

In order to do this, we need to decode the 3 messages included in Frannie's letters from Episodes 4, 5, and 6.

The instructions are in the sealed envelope.

🔲 → Two forward, one back, repeat

Ashley's "key" is the lapel pin. 

The right "key" is F. 

Two forward from "F" is "H".

⭐ → -1 all, then unscramble

Reggie's flower is an Aster. 

The first and fourth letters are "A" and "E".

⚪ → Every other

The third word on Ashley's gift is "Favorite". 

The last three letters are "ITE".

Reversing this gives us "ETI"

The password to Ashley's blog is:

  • "HAEETI"

*You MUST click on the link in Frannie's message to access the correct page to enter the password.