Off the Record

Physical Items

Episode 3

Ashley's Bag 

This is a reusable tote bag. 

It holds numerous items. 

A.S. Wavelength Printout

Found in Ashley's Bag

All wavelengths on this sheet with the exception of the top one, are damn near spot-on with those for Sebastian Dyer.

 Bidding Sheet

Found in Ashley's Bag

We can eliminate 3 people from being Angel Silva's new identity based on the heights given in the profiles here. 

Campaign Response 

Found in Ashley's Bag

This is another letter shutting down Ashley and basically telling her to "shape the eff up" or else. 

CarPuul Article 

Angel Silva made a statement for this article, vouching for the rideshare company. 

Jesus Christ, I know Uber and them can't be as bad as CarPuul, but this is one reason I will never take one. 

  • You don't know who the hell you're getting in a car with... 

Cease and Desist Letter

Found in Ashley's Bag

This is a letter from Kim Barton to Ashley to stop harassing the campaign members with slander. 

Driver Profile 

Angel Silva drove for CarPuul. 

  • The "sign-up event" from the CarPuul article must have been for job seekers.

Although the ID is "faded out", it slightly resembles Kim Barton's photo on Ashley's blog site. 

The second sheet lists where Angel stopped throughout the evening. 

  • At 11:39, he stopped at Condor Ave/King St. This is the site of the car crash noted in the police report. 
  • At 11:50, he stopped at 1 Cross St. 
  • As noted in the magazine spread from Episode 1, 1 Cross Street is where Paris Green is - where Harold and Lewis were headed, and also where TFC's family mansion is).

Frannie's Letter 

Frannie talks about hanging out with Reggie and all that good stuff.

She wants us to look more into Angel Silva and see if we can find why his trail went cold. 

She also suggests we look at the "screenshots" folder on her website. 

Note Envelope 

Found in Ashley's Bag

This envelope holds several cut-up pieces of a note.

Reggie found it in TFC's campaign dumpster and thinks it was meant for Angel Silva. 

 Note Pieces

Found in Envelope in Ashley's Bag

This is a threatening letter to Angel. 

Use the shift key on the bottom of the TFC bobblehead base. 

Once decoded, the messages read: 

  • "WE HAD A DEAL." 

The author of this note is TFC, considering: 

  • The shift key was etched on the bottom of his bobblehead base
  • He speaks of "winning"
  • "The Friendly Chap" = TFC = Thomas Ford Cross 

Police Report 

Found in Ashley's Bag

Note the address is the same as the second-to-last stop on Angel Silva's record of recent stops on his driver profile.

The report states there were recent tire marks from a second vehicle. 

  • Could this be from Angel Silva's vehicle? 
  • For some reason, I don't believe Officer Vaughn's statement of the second tire set having nothing to do with the crash. 
  • Was Lewis forced to veer off the road to avoid hitting Angel's car? If so, why hadn't Lewis mentioned it? 

Reggie's Note 

Reggie is writing to us personally. 

She explains the reasoning behind sending the items in Ashley's bag. 

Suspect Wavelength Printouts

These can be compared with the A.S. wavelength printout.

TFC Bobblehead

Found in Ashley's Bag

There is actually something etched into the bottom of this one's base. 

It is a shift cipher key. 

  • A = H 
  • B = I 
  • C = J 
  • D = K 
  • E = L 

Whatever the key belongs to, the letters will be shifted backward in the alphabet by 7. 

Witness Statements

Found in Ashley's Bag

These are witness statements for the car crash. 

Didn't anyone tell you, Harold? Joke's kill. 😉 

Man, what a bummer. Brand new car and trashed the same day... 

Contradicting stories (for a reason?)... 

  • Harold said he asked Lewis to drive. 
  • Lewis said he asked Harold if he could drive.