Off the Record

Physical Items

Episode 2

Ashley's Autopsy

Three puncture marks and one injection of fentanyl into Ashley's left inner elbow were made by the killer within a half-hour of the murder.

  • The killer obviously wasn't able to find a vein right away. 
  • Was this an attempt to make Ashley appear as a druggie while she was still alive? 

Ashley was struck from behind with a hard object, causing unconsciousness/disorientation but no bleeding, and then she was strangled with enough force to break the bone above her larynx. 

Bar Towel 

This was club "swag" given to Frannie by Larry, the front desk guy at the Copper Cliffs Country Club. 

Comment Cards 

Did Judith Richards cause issues in Mimosa Yoga since another member felt he had to make a complaint about "certain people disrupting the whole class"? 

Country Club Pamphlet 

This provides us with a map of the country club. 

There are handwritten remarks in the same penmanship as on the reservation schedule. 

 Frannie's Letter

I really hope these handwritten additions don't continue throughout the entire season. 

  •  I don't know about anyone else, but they are very distracting and make reading the letters difficult.

 High Fences Screenshots

Committee members are: 

  • YTD257
  • MAZ481 (Judith Richards) 
  • AJU425 
  • KIR861 
  • RAH395 
  • PFN141 

Judith Richards didn't respond to the thread until almost 4 hours after the last comment... 

A red sweatshirt was left in the men's lounge of the country club. 

TFC was witnessed drinking a lot the night of Ashley's murder before getting in his car and driving off. 

One poster mentions Cross buying drinks for everyone. He also mentions mocktails and Shirley Temples.  

  • Does this mean that Harold Richards drinks Shirley Temples? 

TFC was supposed to meet up for an afterparty, but he never showed. 

Police Report 

Ashley's lap was soaked in urine... 

  • Did she piss herself after death or during? 

The syringe that was used to inject the fentanyl was left on Ashley's lap. 

The fentanyl had not traveled to her bloodstream because the tourniquet above her elbow had not been untied. 


Using a comment on the High Fences thread, we can deduce that TFC is Member VPG017 and Harold Richards is BZH224. 

 Reggie's Note

Reggie explains that the items she sent to Frannie were given to her by Ashley the day she was murdered. 

 Reservation Schedule

Harold Richards had a tennis court reserved for 7:00 PM but he must have canceled it since his ID number is crossed out. 

 Shot Glass

This was club "swag" given to Frannie by Larry, the front desk guy at the Copper Cliffs Country Club. 

TFC Event Flyer 

Someone made this into a protest invitation instead. 

On the back is a list of important IDs: 

  • VPG017 (Thomas Ford Cross) 
  • POM659 - guest (Sebastian Dyer)
  • UIR173 - guest (Kim Barton) 
  • BZH224 (Harold Richards) 
  • HTW872 - guest ← Mfxjt by 1 (Lewis Vanzetti)
  • MAZ481 (Judith Richards) 

"Mfxjt by 1" indicates a shift cipher. 

  • Shifting each letter backward by 1 gives us: "Lewis". 

Witness Statements

Prior to Ashley's death, Reggie witnessed an altercation between Ashley and Judith Richards outside the country club. 

Work Orders Log

Member UIR173-gst (Kim Barton) made an absurd amount of requests. So much so that staff was advised to deny her tickets.