Off the Record

Physical Items

Episode 1

 Ashley's Notebook

These are Ashley's notes on her private investigation into the two candidates. 

Ashley visited the library to use the microfiche machine. 

Near the back, we get some ideas of what types of ciphers we may encounter. 

Ashley's Obituary 

Can they use the word "sibling" any more times?! 

  • Just say "brother" or "sister" already, god. 

Frannie's Letter 

What's with all the handwritten notations...? 

From this letter, we can start building a list of suspects and well as find out our objective for this episode. 

 Harold Bobblehead

This is a copper-colored bobblehead. It comes with a little base.

  • The inscription on the base reads: "Strong New Leadership, Unwavering Values". 

As with a lot of products, it was made in China. 

 Harold Brochure

Harry's brochure opens up into a poster. 

Unlike Thomas's campaign, Harry mainly focuses on getting Thomas out of office, not what he will actually do if he gained the position. 

Harold Button 

This is a simple button campaigning for Harold's vote. 

Magazine Spread 

This article was written by the victim, Ashley. 

Even the voter base thought both men were incompetent to hold office. 

Password Tips

These are basic tips for creating a password, but are also meant to help us crack Judith's email password. 

Restraining Order

Wow, Ashley had to get a restraining order again Harold's wife, of all people! 

TFC Brochure

This is a brochure for the standing mayor, hoping for re-election.

TFC Button

This is a simple button campaigning for Thomas's vote. 

Town Map

Such weird street names... 

This map tells us the locations of a lot of places, which may prove useful in the future.