Blair Witch: Season 2

Physical Items

Episode 5

 Amateur Comic Book Page

This was drawn by Tristan Kent, the youngest son of Rosemary Kent. 

On the back is part of a company logo. 

Comic Book Page 

This is a page from the comic Ed saw Emma reading from. 

It appears to be a warning against following Will o' the Wisps (false leaders of fortune). 

Homesteader Letter 

What the heck happened near the end of this letter?  

Wonder if this letter actually got delivered or if it was simply found and preserved... 

The stain in the lower-right of the second page can only be assumed to be blood.

Letter from Ed 

Ed finally visited the Kent house. 

  • By taking a photo with his phone, he was able to Emma but was unable to replicate this result. 
  • Emma apparently left behind some items for Ed to find. 

Monster Trading Card 

Is this insinuating that the Blair Witch is a necromancer, or akin to one? 

 Note from Harriett

This is the letter that Harriett rushed out to give to Ed on his trip to the Kent house. 

She warned him to take his head out of his ass and be smart, not presume he knew better than anyone else who's entered the woods. 

 Refrigerator Magnet

This is the "swag" Ed gave to Emma, which she used to hang certain documents on the fridge in the Kent house for him to find. 


Holy cow... 

This is Sheriff Lanning's warning to Ed to get out of dodge. 

 Tooth Fairy Card

This card was from Rosemary to Tristan. 

There appear to be some sort of stains in several places on the card. 

On the back of the card is another piece of the company logo. 

 Veterinary Form

There are more stains on this letter, as well as a final piece of the company logo. 

  • The full logo is for "Creekside Timber Co." 

Tank was attacked by another "animal" one of the times he ventured into the woods. 

  • There is some kind of animal paw print in the bottom-right corner...