The Mine

Physical Items

Episode 5

 Arawn's Poison

This is cool as hell. 

  • It contains a "lava lamp"-type substance and some kind of globule.

David's Notes 

On one side, David recalls the time June took his picture while he was still on the other side. 

The Otherworld phrases translate to: 

  • D-EH-L
  • AH-R-W-IH-L
  • L-Y-OH-S-R-OOH-N
  • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N
  • EH-L-UH-N 
  • M-EE-N-UH
  • EH-L-UH-N
  • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N
  • EH-L-UH-N

Instructions from Elin 

Elin explains how she came to Cooper's Rock and of the time she met David. 

She reveals that Arawn had tried taking her over once before when she was just a child. 

She tells us how we must use Arawn's poison in the ritual. 

The Otherworld phrases throughout the instructions translate to: 

  • A-R-AHH-EUH-N (x5)
  • B-R-AI-T-S-T-OH-N

Letter from Museum Curator 

We learn that the darkness temporarily took Elin and that things are getting even worse in town. 

June tells us to decipher the part of the sigil we have (from the Otherworld Spell pieces we received in Episodes 3 and 4) and email the written translation to her via the contact form on the website. 

 Letter from Museum Director

This is a statement of our final installment with the apprentice program. 

We are given our final assignment for the site. 

LVL Letter 

This is an email from LVL to June. 

They basically threaten to "take measures" if she does not get rid of everything she has gathered from them. 

Message from David 

David lays out his plans for getting into the mine and dispelling Arawn. 

Museum Patch 

What the hell kind of shit is this!? Creepy as hell. 

  • How can this be an "official" museum item? 

Newspaper Clipping 

This is the newspaper clipping June mentioned in her letter. 

This details a little more of what's been happening. 

  • Mutilated corpses found in the woods. 
  • People having seizures and being hollowed. 
  • Mysterious hybrid creatures. 

Otherworld Document 

This is the final piece of the sigil. It is to be pieced with the other fragments received in Episodes 3 and 4. 

Using a blacklight will reveal the hidden message. 

Once deciphered, this message will read: 

  • "K-W-EH-L-UH-N-R-EE-V F-AI-UH-R-F-Y-AW-L".

We must send this message to June via the contact form on the website. 

No matter how many times I tried, I did not receive an email response from June... 

  • The response is supposed to have a document with information on how to log into the Strahlenberg website. 

Update: I received the email 3 months after completing this episode...