Omega Protocol


Episode 1

NACS Facility

Username: C117

Password: ViralGenome 


Personnel Files 

Council Profiles 

Note that under Alexander Ugnius Petroshevych's (Alosha) profile, Svitlana Sofiya is grayed while every other name is white. 

  • Clicking on this name begins access to the backdoor of the website. 

You must click on the stars in the order they are shown on Alosha's NACS patch: 

  • small, big, small, small, big, big, small, big 


Case File 


This file reveals a surveillance photo of Persephone's body. This was not a virus attack. It appears as if she was stabbed with the nearby weapon. 


This gives us a little more information on the emitter chip. 

When activated, it attracts the aliens to the emitter's location via a frequency. 

External Recon 

TSS File 

This shows the frequency ranges audible to humans versus aliens. 


Once we find the files we need, type in "Dathomir". 

Enter the file names separated by commas: 

  • perimetercam.jpg, ULFSchematics.pdf, TSSFile.txt