Omega Protocol

Physical Items

Episode 1


This is a tool to keep us hydrated during our investigation.

Circuit Board 

This is an emitter chip that was found on Persephone's body. 

There are 2 sets of numbers etched into the chip: 

  • K14R15A162112195 
  • 00243 

 Contact Letter

According to the clearance levels found in the handbook, by the letter's salutations, we can gather that we have Level C clearance. 

  • This means we must have some kind of skill set that the base deems worthy. 

We are informed of the victim, resident B005, who was found dead one mile south of the facility after an unauthorized leave of the facility. 

  • The victim was found by resident B037. 

The Contact reveals that they are the one who "upgraded" us to Level C clearance so that we may access the NACS website to investigate the victim's death. 

We learn that the victim's name was Persephone. 

The Contact explains how to create a secure line to message them via PATRICIA. 

  • Enter the keyword "Dathomir" into PATRICIA's input command. 

 ID Card

This reveals that our "skill set" is analyst. 

I had to scan the "barcode" box twice, but doing so revealed a website

 ID Holder

This is an awesome black-and-yellow lanyard with the words "DO NOT CROSS. DANGER."

*I would totally wear this for work if I didn't have a "SECURITY" lanyard already. 

 Memorial Card

The victim's full name is Persephone Grace. 

The card was created on Day 1825 of the apocalypse - that's exactly 5 years (not counting a leap year...).

Was this memorial card written by a nun? 

Did Persephone discover something sinister about the Council that she supposedly fled with no intention of returning? 

Password Card 

This card gives us our password to access the NACS website. However, the password is encrypted. 

This is a shift cipher. The card references Rule 14. Shifting each letter forward 14 times gives us the decrypted password. 

Once decoded, the password is: 

  • "ViralGenome" 


This patch belonged to resident A002. It was given to us by The Contact. 

Personnel Form 

This is a form where we can keep tabs on individuals away from PATRICIA's prying "eyes". 

Propaganda Flyer 

According to the personnel form, this poster was created by Mathias Gabriel Lind. 

He is in favor of lockdown. 

 Quick Start Guide

PATRICIA stands for "Preliminary Advanced Targeted Response for Interpreting Conversational Interactive Advice". 

We are given the website on which to access PATRICIA. 

Okay... This must be an addendum to PATRICIA after the apocalypse. 

  • Under "Key Features and Benefits", it says that PATRICIA knows how to keep things confidential. Under that, the disclaimer states privacy is neither guaranteed nor possible in the NACS. 

 Resident Handbook

This doubles as a NACS handbook and a notebook for us to write down our thoughts and observations. 

On the inside of the back cover, one can find a cool little cheat sheet and ruler.