The Mountain

Physical Items

Episode 3

Abigail's Divine Chronicle Entry

Charlotte is Abigail and Daniel's daughter. 

In this entry, Abigail makes it clear that electronics are not banned from the commune, as she received a text from Daniel. 

In this entry, Abigail confirms that she is Daniel's wife. Abigail mentions her son... 

  • Is this Daniel's son too? 
  • If so, how come Frederick only referenced Abigail and Charlotte in his letter to Daniel? 

Holy shitballs... 

  • Abigail reveals that her son, Alexander, was a freakin' sacrifice! That's why Frederick didn't mention him in his letter to Daniel. 
  • The sacrifice is being "hollowed", what everyone's ultimate goal in this place is. 
  • Being "hollowed" does equal death, as witnessed in the cases of Isabella and Dr. Oliver in The Woods. 

Daniel's Platform 

It appears Daniel has made a campaign against the Raven. 

Are there others who will help us take the Raven down? 

 Handwritten Note

This is used in conjunction with the incense cone and burner. 

Daniel gives instructions for a ritual to perform after lighting the incense. 

 Incense Burner

This is to place the accompanying incense cone upon. 

It kind of looks like an abstract rabbit to me... 

Incense Cone 

This is meant to be placed on the accompanying incense burner and lit, followed by conducting the ritual provided on the handwritten note. 

 Letter from Daniel

It seems that Daniel is our mysterious friend who has been sending us the handwritten notes in our packages. 

The section where he mentions a bunch of numbers is actually the key to a book cipher in the Veridical Codex Umbra. 

  • The first number is the page number, and the second number is a word on that page. 

 Meditation Card with Pin

This card gives us access to our next meditation

 Note from Frederick to Daniel

Wow, Frederick is not a cool dude. 

He is keeping close tabs on Daniel and vows to turn him in if Daniel does not change his ways and get with the program of the cult. 

Abigail is Daniel's wife. 

Note from Raven Welgram III 

The Raven is full of it. He never went through the "hollowing". 

  • We know better that he would not exist if he had, he would be dead or occupied by another being while his body slowly dies. 

Certain phrases in the Raven's note are italicized. These phrases match up with phrases in the Veridical Codex Umbra. 

  • Match up the numbers of the phrases from the book (sections "The Litany of Many Appellations" and "The Litany of Many Instruments") to the italicized phrases in the Raven's note. 

The phrases are: 

  • "which cleaves the unbeliever" = 5
  •  "Adamantine Mortar and ground to dust" = 13
  • "Adamantine Mortar and ground to dust" = 16  
  • "blessed by the spirit of smoke" = 20 
  • "calls down the current from the sky" = 25  
  • "Bridge of the Requiter" = 25  
  • "luminous wing" = 15  
  • "Drum of Invocation, which beats in the blood of all believers" = 21  
  • "lost to all but those who seek" = 18  
  • "He of the light in the darkness" = 19 
  • "Murmux compels the dead to answer" = 5 
  • "Shamhurish guards the doors to the fifth palace" = 12 
  • "all time unfurls from the Endless Wheel" = 6  

Translating the numbers into letters, the message reads: 


Veridical Codex Umbra 

The Raven is replaced if stricken with madness... lol. 

"The Ritual of Cleromancy" clarifies how Alexander, Daniel's son, was chosen as the vessel to be sacrificed. 

  • It also deals with invoking Arawn, the "friend" of Isabella in The Woods. So that is how she became a vessel, by messing around with Arawn. 
  • I have to wonder, though, was Isabella secretly involved with the people of Radiant Mountain? 

"To receive me is to traverse the never-ending maze."

  • Does this refer to the red herring path at the end of The Woods? 

Arawn is the lord and guide of the otherworld. 

  • Sounds about right. 

Oh, my god, there are boobies in this book...! 

  • Come on, now, we're all mature adults. 
  • But, seriously, what is with all the naked people and all the clothed beings taking them into custody looking like animals? 

This is the sixth edition. 

  • I wonder what has all changed over the revisions of this book. 

The key to solving the book cipher is located in the letter from Daniel. 

  • 16/16: one 
  • 17/169: more 
  • 22/32: the 
  • 21/2: first 
  • 12/2: of 
  • 8/28: each 
  • 22/22:
  • 8/89: offer 
  • 5/63: reflected 
  • 13/49: affection 

The message reads: 

  • "One more the first of each I offer reflected affection." 

"The first of each" means the first letter of each of the following words: "iora".