The Mountain

Physical Items

Episode 1

 Bead Bracelet with Explanation

The bracelet I received had a combination of gold (clear) and rose (pinkish) beads. 

According to the accompanying explanation: 

  • Gold holds the warmth we feel beneath the ever-burning peak.
  • Rose holds the love we feel for both our Family and the Divine. 

Handwritten Note 

My head hurts... 

The note is addressed to "Orphan". 

  • Are we "Orphan"? 

All the words in the quoted text are capitalized. Reading only the first letters of the words gives us: 


This is actually a website for Radiant Mountain Survivors. 

The password for the website is: DT8996. 

  • This is repeated twice towards the bottom of the note, meaning it must be important. 


The headphones can be used to listen to the meditation track referenced on the meditation coupon. 

Letter from Frederick 

This serves as an introductory letter. Frederick invites us to join the community on their website

 Meditation Coupon

This coupon directs us to a website, and instructs us to enter code "FAWN" for a free virtual meditation workshop. 

Following these instructions leads us to an audio file. 

 Prayer Card

The card instructs us to pause at the closing of each line. 

Pay special attention to the last letter of each line. A hidden message is revealed: 

  • "BOW TO ME" 

 Radiant Mountain Flyer

This is a run-of-the-mill flyer displaying all that Radiant Mountain has to offer members.

This document also leads to their website

Veridiction of Raven Welgram III 

In this pamphlet, the hierarchy tiers are clarified. Everyone starts out as a Fawn. When they have learned the basic ways of the commune, they graduate. 

  1. Deer 
  2. Sparrow 
  3. Squirrel 
  4. Raven