The Woods

Physical Items

Episode 3

Black Candle 

Light this candle and hold it up to the shadow vista at the correct position after having placed the pieces correctly to reveal an image. 

 Doctor's Memo

Maybe the doctor is like Isabella in the beginning stages of her possession. 

  • He is not aware of something being inside of him, writing hidden messages and taking him on "sleepwalking" adventures at night. 

There is a green triangle (the same color that held hidden messages in Episodes 1 and 2).

By placing the triangular tip of the prism from Episode 2 over the green triangle and looking from the correct angles, two messages can be read.

  • "I need the life of Grace" 
  • "I want to hurt myself" 

Door Rubbing 

This is a rubbing Grace made of the message carved into her door. It is a semaphore code, same as the tree rubbing from Episode 1. 

The decoded message reads: 


Journey to the Mountaintop 

This excerpt reveals the correct positions in which to place the vista shadow cutouts. 

Letter from Grace 

Grace mentions a message carved in her door. She has sent us a rubbing. 

Grace, again, expresses her disdain for the good doctor, only allowing him to continue "treating" Isabella to avoid invoking his suspicion. 

Grace speaks of the utensils she sent us in this package and their intended uses. 

In this letter, Grace gives us a hint as to which blog on the website can be accessed this episode. 

The password-protected blog is:

  • Rosemary 

Letter from Kayla 

This is a letter written by Kayla in an attempt to reach out to Grace. Grace never read the letter and sent it straight to us. In this letter, Kayla reveals that the hidden messages on the password-protected blogs are, indeed, from Isabella.

Scanned Diary Pages 

At one point, Isabella refers to herself in the third person before scratching the word out and correcting herself. 

  • Were the pages written after she began being possessed? 

The handwriting is sloppier and rushed, as if written by someone inhabiting Isabella's body. 

Isabella once again references "Arawn", her special friend. 

Isabella wrote a quote from the last line of "The Blue House" excerpt from Episode 1. 

  • "The moon was a big white hole in the sky." 
  • This sentence is used in solving the code in a hidden page on the website

Shadow Vista 

Following the order provided in the "Journey to the Mountaintop" excerpt, place the cutouts on the mountain as follows: 

  1. The bird with the pale beak 
  2. The animal with the bushy tail 
  3. The dark bird 
  4. The oak tree branch 

Holding the lit black candle to the bottom point of the mountain, the shape of a deer will appear. 

"Deer" is the password for the password-protected blog entry we can access this episode.

 Twine + Beads

Grace says the twine was imbued with rosemary. 

  • "Rosemary" is the password-protected blog we can access this episode.