Team Log

The front side is a supply log from a nearby safe house.

To decipher the codes in the "Comments" section, you will use the diagram on the back. 

  • The number of dots tells you which letter in the box it is. 
  • For the first letter, find the box that matches that shape. One dot means it is the first letter of the alphabet in that box, which is A. 

Once decoded, the list reads as: 

  • Sal ~ bandaids, hydrogen peroxide ~candy bars (5) 
  • Mad ~ candy bar (1) ~ 2 pitons, 50 ft rope ~all those cuts 
  • S ~ water bottles (5) ~ a smashed pharmacy window 
  • M ~ water bottles (2) ~ bottle of wine (1) 
  • S ~ bottle of wine half ~ water bottles (12) 
  • M ~ bottle of wine (1/2) 
  • S ~ 1 flower (miniature hollyhock) ~ in the same place / solo missions
  • J ~ 4 candy bars ~ a really sick rock I found 

On the backside is some kind of sudoku-type grid with numbers in the boxes.

This is a variation of a pigpen cipher. 

 Translate the numbers into letters.

  • I.e., 1 = A, 2 = B, etc.